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Monday, 18 February 2019

Archbishop of Canterbury - "Who cares" if someone becomes a Romanist! "It's just wonderful"!

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the man who follows in the line of Archbishop Cranmer, said recently he did not care if Church of England ministers left the Anglican Church to become Roman Catholic priests. Writing in the Spectator magazine this arch-apostate was dismissive of the number of clergy deserting the Church of England’s ranks.

When asked directly what he thought about ministers leaving, he responded with the words: Who cares? Elaborating further he stated: I don’t mind about all that. Particularly if people go to Rome, which is such a source of inspiration.

He proceeded to give details of his reaction when an acquaintance told him he was doping this very thing: I had an email from a very old friend, and Anglican priest who has decided to go to Rome. I wrote back saying: how wonderful! As long as you are following your vocation, you are following Christ.

Welby continued with his denial of the truth of God by saying: It’s just wonderful. What we need is for people to be disciples of Jesus Christ. I don’t really care whether it’s the Church of England or Rome or the Orthodox or Pentecostals or the Lutherans or Baptists. They are faithful disciples of Christ.

No better answer to Welby can be given than to insert the link to a sermon preached in 1965 by the then Rev Ian Paisley. It is entitled: Why I am a Protestant.

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