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Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble:

for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand, Joel 2:1.

All quotations from the Scriptures will be from the Authorised Version - the best and most accurate English translation of the Scriptures.

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and why we reject the many perversions of the Scriptures, including those so beloved of many neo-evangelicals at present such as ESV & NKJV.

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Jesus Christ Superstar - an utter blasphemy!!!

The 'rock opera' entitled 'Jesus Christ Superstar' is once again coming to the Grand Opera House, Belfast.

The Ulster Operatic Company is staging Jesus Christ Superstar to mark the 40th anniversary of the original stage production on Broadway in 1971. The Grand Opera House's website states:
Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera that highlights the political and interpersonal struggles between Judas Iscariot and Jesus. It is based loosely on the Gospels’ account of the last week of Jesus’ life, beginning with the preparation for the arrival of Jesus and his disciples in Jerusalem, and ending with the crucifixion.

Jesus Christ Superstar was the first musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to be produced for the professional stage.

This 'rock opera' is highly questionable, insulting to Christians and ultimately blasphemous to Christ.

Leaving aside the medium of an opera and a rock opera at that, when the name, character and work of our Saviour Jesus Christ is slandered, in the fashion that it is in this opera, we need to raise our objection to it. It would be a dereliction of duty to Christ to remain silent.

If someone slanders the name and character of our best friend we would be so rightly incensed that we would have to show our disgust and opposition to such a thing. In highlighting our opposition to this opera we are showing our disgust at those who slander the name and person of Jesus Christ.

Why Should we Study the Prophetic Scriptures?

This sermon was preached by Rev Wesley Iwrin, Free Presbyterian minister in Rutherglen, Scotland, at a Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony Conference at Brighton on 26th April, 1997.

There are reasons why we should give ourselves to know what God has said concerning the future, but, before we look at those reasons which compel us to give attention to this subject, there are some things which need to be said.

First of all, I want to stress the word ‘study.’ I am not talking about the reading of Prophetic Scriptures. I trust you do read your Bible regularly, day by day. However, it is vitally important, not only to read the Bible, but to study the Bible. You have probably been challenged by many preachers about the necessity of reading the Word of God every day. That is a valuable lesson and a most important thing for the Christian. Every day he should take time to be alone with the Lord, reading His Word to hear the voice of God.

But I want to go a step further than that. I want to impress upon you the importance not only of reading the Word of God, but of studying the words of Holy Scripture.

I have found in not a few cases, superficial views about what the Bible teaches, not only on prophecy, but also on other aspects of truth. It has come about because people have only a limited, or a very superficial, view of the Bible, They have read certain verses in the Bible and are familiar with them but they have not taken time to really think through and study for themselves, with the help of God, what these things really mean. And when views that are contrary to the teaching of Scripture are advanced, they are unable to counter them, because all they have done in the past is simply read the words and never thought what they really mean.

One reason that people do not really know what they believe or what the Bible teaches even on prophetical matters is that they have not taken time to study what God has said.

The Lord Jesus Christ said in John 5:39, ‘Search the Scriptures.’ This is a very fundamental injunction put to us by the Lord. If we are to search the Scriptures, it will demand effort, It will require application of our mental energies to this Book. We will need to make effort. We will have to take time. We should endeavour, under God, to determine what this Book teaches, what these passages really say. It is not just merely running through

The Psalmist said in Psalm 19:9-10, ‘The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold.’ The Bible is worth more than gold.

You will know a little about the various gold rushes that have occurred in the history of this world. Whenever gold was discovered in a particular area, there was a mad rush. Many people wanted to go to that area to be the first to get their hands on the gold. They were diligent. They searched endlessly. They put themselves to great effort to get their hands upon this gold that was to be found in the earth. They worked hard. They worked long hours. They worked with diligence, untiringly, in order to get just a little of this precious substance.

The Word of God is more precious than gold. How you and I should really search after it! How we should determine to get to know this Book! How we should use diligence and effort in order to understand what God has said in this Book. We need to study the Word of God.

Superficial and far-fetched views of prophecy prevail because people have not taken time to study the Scripture. Some really ludicrous and foolish opinions have been propounded because men have just read a verse and thought that it means something, and they have not taken time to study through what the proper teaching of Scripture is on this subject. They have just taken a few words and they have arrived at a wrong conclusion because they have not set themselves to study God’s Holy Word.

Let us then set before you some reasons why we should study the prophetic Scriptures.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tent Mission in Templepatrick

Antrim, Ballyclare & Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian Churches held a joint 60th Anniversary Tent Mission in Templepatrick. The Lord was pleased to bless with many visitors and souls counselled. Rev John Gray, minister in Enniskillen FPC, was the evangelist. 

Here are some photos of taken during the Mission:

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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