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for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand, Joel 2:1.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The dangerous error of Covenant Succession Part 4

III. The Fallacy of Covenant Succession Ejected
Not only do the passages of Scriptures often referred to by the exponents of covenant succession, offer no support to the concept, there are also a whole raft of other issues, doctrines and passages of Scripture that this fallacy contradicts:

1. This fallacy involves a time division of the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation where there ought to be none. While there is a logical order that can be attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit in effectual calling, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption and the beginning of sanctification, there is actually no time difference. The division made in these matters is never a time related one, it is a logical one to help our understanding.

This work of the Holy Spirit cannot in this circumstance be separated by a period of time, long or short. Once a sinner is effectually called and regenerated, that new life immediately expresses itself in faith and repentance, which brings about justification, adoption and the beginnings of sanctification. It is not possible for new life to be in the soul of a sinner, by virtue of regeneration, and that new life not express itself in faith and repentance. These are the first acts of a newborn soul. They follow on immediately from regeneration.

Friday, 7 June 2013

A foretaste of the consequences of legalising Sodomite marriage #1

In what can be seen as a foretaste of what will eventually come to the United Kingdom, an American bakery is being sued for refusing to bake a 'wedding cake' to celebrate a sodomite marriage. Read the details here.

At stake is the conflict between the rights of freedom of conscience and the vociferous lobby for 'sodomite marriage'. No doubt they could have gone elsewhere and had their cake baked but they prey on those who have principles and they seek to close down all opposition to their agenda.

This is what will happen in the United Kingdom if, as it seems likely, the present government gets their way and implements a similar law in England and Wales.