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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Luther at the Diet of Worms

In April 1521 Martin Luther appeared at the Diet of Worms and confessed his allegiance to the teachings of Scripture before the Emperor and Church hierarchy. It was here he made his famous statement: Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.

Some years ago I had the privilege of being in the city of Worms. There is a large monument to Luther and other Reformers in the centre of the city. This monument was erected to honour Luther and his fellow Reformers in Worms in 1868.

The monument bears witness to Luther determination to stand for Bible truth.

You can also go to the place in Worms where it is reckoned Martin Luther stood and stated the words quoted above. It is in the grounds of the Cathedral. The building that then housed the Diet has long gone but the spot where Luther stood is still marked on the ground.

Writing from Eisenach in 1521, prior to going to the Diet of Worms, Luther stated: We shall enter Worms in spite of all the councils of hell, and all the powers of the air. These words were directed to Spalatin, the secretary and confidential adviser of the Elector Frederick, Luther’s protector, who had exhorted Luther, on no account, to enter Worms, even with the promise of safe-conduct from the Emperor.

Luther also wrote to the Elector Frederick after leaving Wartburg Castle, in 1522, saying that he would have entered Worms had there been as many devils as tiles on the roofs.

As Luther entered the Diet, his friend George von Freundsberg said to him: My poor monk, thou hast a march and a struggle to go through, such as neither I nor many other captains have seen the like in our most bloody battles. But if thy cause be just, and thou art sure of it, go forward in God’s name, and fear nothing.

Luther reply was: God will be my defence.

God was indeed his defence and proved to be a mighty fortress as Luther penned in his well known hymn.

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