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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

No Pope Here! Why? #4 The cost to Taxpayers

A papal visit always incur a considerable cost to the public purse and ultimately to taxpayers. The Pope may claim empathy with the poor, and engage in pretended acts of sympathy and compassion, but the reality is somewhat different.

By claiming to be a 'Head of State' a papal visit to another country is regularly deemed an official state visit. It is only visiting 'Heads of State' who can be given such a honour. Not all visits by Heads of State are given the honour of a State visit. Some are deemed unworthy of such an honour, either because of political sensitivities or insignificance. Some visits by Heads of State are deemed an 'Official Visit', or a 'Working Visit', or a 'Private Visit'.

It is one of the old papal claims that the Pope is a monarch of great honour, who rules over all other monarchs and presidents. He is also Head of State of the Vatican. He deems himself to be worthy of a state visit. 

By recognising the claims of the Pope and affording him a state visit, the government of the day would normally cover the cost of that visit.

Will that happen in Northern Ireland? Will taxpayers have to pay for the Pope to visit Northern Ireland? If so, then how much will it cost and who is going to pay? Will Rome, or the Roman Catholic Church, cover the costs of such a visit?
Why should the public purse cover the costs of a papal visit when there are so many other demands upon public money, and when public expenditure is so tight and public services are in dire need of funding. We hear continually of lengthy waiting lists etc. Will money be taken, which would have gone to provide for public services and be used to pay the visit of the Roman antichrist.

When the Pope last visited the United Kingdom the projected cost at the time was in excess of £15 million. It takes a considerable sum of money to cover a Papal visit and keep the Pope in the manner he is accustomed to.

At the time of the last papal visit to mainland United Kingdom an online survey carried out by the public theology Think Tank Theos found that more than 75 per cent of Britons thought the taxpayer should not contribute to the cost of Pope’s visit. Out of the 2,005 adults polled 77% did not agree that the taxpayer should help shoulder the bill for the four-day trip even though it was to be a state visit. A similar proportion, 76%, rejected taxpayer funding for the visit on the grounds that he is a religious figure. 

No other religious/political leader would receive preferential treatment like this! Would the visit of any other religious/political leader be afforded this type of expenditure.

Romanism, and the Pope, both act in a way that shows the old claims of being supreme ruler over all kings, presidents and governments is still intact. Rome expects the Pope to be afforded the honour of being recognised as a Head of State.

Another reason to say No Pope Here!

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