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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Windsor Park Stand to be demolished - A costly defiance of God

The West Stand, Windsor Park, Belfast (2013-3)It has been reported that the Irish Football Association has been advised that they will have to demolish the damaged West Stand at Windsor Park stadium in Belfast. Serious cracks appeared in the structure of the West Stand shortly after the recent Euro 2016 qualifier which was played on the Lord's day.

The report is supposed to have said that the ground has moved around the base of the columns, causing the wall and the beams to also move. As the nature of the structure is top heavy, the stand is leaning on one side over the pitch. 

It has also been acknowledged that it was surprising that nothing more serious had happened when the structure moved. Around 5,000 football supporters were in the stand for the Euro qualifier. It could easily have collapsed with them in it.

The cost of constructing a new replacement stand has been estimated that between £8million and £10million. No doubt a dispute will ensure as to who is going to pay for it.

BBC News - Windsor Park: West Stand to be demolished

Defying God and His Word can be a costly business. It has proved to be so for the Irish Football Association. At the meeting held with them to object to the playing of a football match on the Lord's day it was told to the representatives of the IFA that there would be a price to pay for disobeying God. It was stated by the FPC delegation that as there are natural laws that work in the world, so there are also spiritual and moral laws, whether men and women like to acknowledge it or not. You reap what you sow!

It is no light thing to desecrate the Sabbath day. The nation of Israel went into 70 years captivity, primarily for their sin of neglecting the Sabbath. 

The mercy of God has also been seen. It is due to the mercy of the Lord that the West Stand did not collapse while full of fans. Thousands of Gospel tracks were distributed to the fans on their way into the football match, by Free Presbyterians involved in the protest. May the Lord be pleased to use these printed preachers to remind someone of what might have happened and where they have been and to teach them of the need to prepare to meet their God.

O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end! Deuteronomy 32:29

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