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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Justice Minister to press ahead with change to abortion law despite overwhelming opposition

David Ford MLA, Justice Minister in the Northern Ireland Executive government, has announced that he is pressing ahead with a change in the abortion law in Northern Ireland. This change will allow doctors to abort an unborn child which has been diagnosed with 'fatal foetal abnormality'.

Mr Ford has held back from seeking to legislate for abortion in cases of rape.

This announcement was made following a public consultation on proposed reforms to Northern Ireland's abortion law. It transpires that the overwhelming view expressed in the responses, received during the consultation period, were against any change in the law. 

Remarkably the minister is still pressing ahead with the proposed change. When it suits politicians, and government ministers, they follow public opinion and introduce liberal laws. When that same public opinion does not suit their liberal agenda they still press ahead. Then they have the audacity to oppose Christians when we call for the obeying of God's moral law, irrespective of who says otherwise!

The actions of Mr Ford are not only wrong on the issue of abortion, but they also illustrate the spiritual warfare that goes in this world between light and darkness, truth and error. There are two different world views which are opposed to each other.

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