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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Germany leaving the Euro???

There is a great deal of speculation about the future of the Euro. Will the eurozone break up? Will Greece default and leave the Euro? Will she remain and struggle and thereby ferment nationalist tendencies among the Greeks?

One commentator, Philippa Malmgren, has taken a very different line than others do on the issue. She is a former economic advisor to George W. Bush during his presidential campaign. She believes that it is more likely that Germany will leave the Euro. This belief comes from a study of other nations that have left other common currency arrangements.

In a report entitled 'Checking out: Exits from Currency Unions' which analysed close to 70 different countries that have left a common currency arrangement, it was found that those nations who leave tend to be the larger, richer and more democratic ones and also tend to be those which have higher inflation.

This scenario would be very troubling financially and politically for Europe if the powerhouse of the European monetary system was to dramatically pull out.

Germany is growing ever more reluctant to bail our profligate nations such as Greece.

This would also be a very interesting development if the kingdom of Antichrist is to be based upon the outline of the old Roman Empire. Parts of Germany east of the Rhine and north of the Danube were never part of that ancient empire.

Benjamin Wills Newton adroitly explains these changes in chapter 3 of his book Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms of the Roman Empire. He specifically mentions the changes that must come within Germany.

It will be interesting to wait and see what developments will materialise. One thing is sure God's Holy Word will be fulfilled to the letter!

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