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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quotable Quote

My wife drew my attention to this quote that she came upon while reading Matthew Henry's commentary on Leviticus:

It is bad when great men give bad examples, but worse when all men follow them.


Rev Brian McClung said...

Gerry Leddy

Extremely far off the topic of this post and therefore won't be posted or every post will become a free for all.

If you have comments to make about another blog then make them elsewhere. It's not my job to defend or comment on what others are or are not doing in this regard.

As far as I am aware [I could be wrong!] all you need to do to post on the blog you mention is to register. Not all that difficult!

Brian McClung

Gerry Leddy said...

have tried to register, says it is restricted to team, so is there anyone within the management of the free presbyterian church who puts these comments into the public domain willing to engage in comment about these?

Rev Brian McClung said...


Try the FPC website: info@freepres.org.

Brian McClung