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Friday, 17 November 2017

Abortions to be granted to under 16s from Northern Ireland

Not content with interfering in devolved matters in Northern Ireland the Westminster Government has now confirmed that it will provide free abortions for those under the age of 16 from Northern Ireland.

In June, Theresa May's government at Westminster, were bounced into a dramatic last-minute climb down, just hours before a crunch vote threatened to derail the Queen’s Speech. More than 50 MPs, from the major parties, led by Labour MP Stella Creasy, had backed a call for women from Northern Ireland to be given free access to NHS abortions in England. This led to the Westminster government making a concession on the issue rather than risk a possible defeat in the House of Commons on the Queen's Speech.

Hundreds of women travel across the Irish Sea for an abortion each year, as Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where abortion remains illegal, except in very limited cases. As a result of the change in June women from Northern Ireland will no longer have to pay for NHS abortions in England.

Since then, there has been a further development to this scheme which permits the killing of the unborn contrary to the wishes of the people in Northern Ireland. The scheme has been extended to allow women to apply for hardship grants to cover the cost of travelling to England for abortions. This was announced in a ministerial statement in October by Justine Greening, the Westminster equalities minister. She made it known that low-income women would now receive help with travel expenses as well as the free abortion.

The devolved administration in Scotland, never afraid to jump on a bandwagon, have also wadded in on the side of the pro-abortion lobby and made a similar promise of funding for abortions for those from Northern Ireland. New regulations allowing women from Northern Ireland to access abortion services in Scotland were to come into force on during November.

Now another development has come to light involving this wicked practice of killing the most vulnerable and the innocent. Plans are afoot to offer girls under the age of 16, from Northern Ireland, access to free abortions in England. In some cases this will be without parents being informed or parental consent being obtained. 

This further descent into the moral abyss has come to light following a written question, being tabled in the House of Lords, to the Department of Health, by Lord Alton of Liverpool. Lord Alton asked if eligible minors needed parental permission before travelling across the Irish Sea for the procedure. 

The reply, reported as being given by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, Lord O’Shaughnessy, clarified that a doctor or health professional is able to offer an abortion, without parental knowledge or consent, to a young person aged under 16 years, provided he or she is satisfied that certain conditions are met. 

One of these guidelines, outlined by the Law Lords, states that the woman involved “understands the advice and has sufficient maturity to understand what is involved”. Lord O’Shaughnessy added: “Health professionals should make every effort to encourage young women aged under 16 to involve their parents. If they cannot be persuaded to do so then they should be assisted to find another adult (such as another family member or specialist youth worker) to provide support.

The Westminster Government has been urged to rethink it policy. Jim Allister MLA has spoken out yesterday about the matter, highlighting the moral and legal implications of such a move. See here: Belfast Newsletter - Shock at offer of free abortions for NI minors

Today Mr Sammy Wilson, MP has also voiced his concerned. See here: Belfast Newsletter - DUP outrage over abortion changes

This move has also been slammed by Christian advocacy group CARE (Christian Action Research and Education), which claims it “undermines the role of parents and guardians in family life”.

Interference in the devolved affairs of a region of the United Kingdom would not be tolerated on any other issue. There would be an outcry under normal circumstances but when it comes to protecting the unborn then it is altogether different. 

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