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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sodomite Politicians use their positions to advance their personal views

Just imagine if this was a professing, evangelical, born-again Christian who openly stated that they would use their political position to promote and advance their personal, biblical views on sodomy and gay marriage.

There would be an outcry from the liberal media. Reporters and commentators would be indulging in outrage that such a thing was allowable in this permissive age. News bulletins would be leading on the story. Radio phones-ins would be running the story ad nauseam. Grieved and outraged members of the sodomite community would be wheeled out to tell all and sundry how offended and deeply hurt they are by such an outrageous abuse of position being allowed to take place. Social media would be aghast that such a thing was countenanced. All would be demanding that something be done about it.

There would be high pitched demands that such a person, who would use their political position to promote their personal, biblical views, should be sacked and removed immediately from their position.

Hypocritical silence
No such outcry, however, follows such an announcement from pro-sodomy and pro-gay marriage politicians. Hypocritically there is silence. Not a squeak is heard from any media outlet about this abuse of position.  Even worst, tacit approval and support is given to those who openly state that they will use their political positions to promote and advance their personal views on these moral issues such as sodomy and gay marriage.

Two glaring examples of this two-faced hypocrisy have been evident over the summer so far.

Justine Greening
First of all, the Westminster Education Secretary Justine Greening has said she will continue "to fly the rainbow flag for the LGBT community" during her time in office. It is no surprise to learn that Justine Greening announced last year [2016] that she had entered into a same-sex relationship.

In an article in the Daily Telegraph,  in July 2017, marking Pride in London, Justine Greening made it openly known that she will use her ministerial position to promote and advance sodomite issues. 

In the same  article, the Education Secretary celebrated the Government’s commitment to the new proposed primary-level Relationships Education and secondary-level Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) initiative. The Government says that RSE will involve teaching on ‘sexuality’ and ministers have suggested that the current right for parents to withdraw their children from sex education could be restricted. 

These new teaching materials will no doubt be used to push the liberal, anti-biblical and immoral view of homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex marriage unto children.

In this same interview Justine Greening also committed the Government to spending £3 million on pro-LGBT initiatives. She further re-stated her commitment to reviewing the Gender Recognition Act, to make it easy for trans-sexual people to “change official records and documents like passports” to match their ‘gender identity’.

Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar
The second example of this two-faced hypocrisy, and abuse of position, is the new Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar. Mr Varadkar attended an event at Belfast's gay pride on Saturday past. This was his first visit to Northern Ireland since taking over from Enda Kenny in June. 

Mr Varadkar has openly stated that he would use his office to promote gay rights globally. At Dublin's gay pride event in June he pledged to use his position to campaign to change laws on gay marriage.

True to his word Mr Varadkar has been vocally campaigning for a change to the laws forbidding gay marriage in Northern Ireland. He said: "I will attend the Pride breakfast on Saturday morning in Belfast to express my support for equality before the law for Catholics, Protestants, non-religious people, men, women, gay people and straight … And I won't be making any compromises about that for anyone."

Double Standards
There is evidently one law and standard for the liberal promoter of immorality and another law and standard for the Christian when they seek to use their position to stand up for Bible morality and purity. Would these politicians permit Christians to use their positions to promote their personal views? Can a born again Christian, who believes what the Bible clearly teaches about sodomy, be equally emphatic that they will not be making any compromises for anyone? Can they too use their position to stand for righteousness? I think not!

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