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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Police Service of Northern Ireland abandons all semblance of impartiality by joining the sodomite parade in Belfast, thereby loses respect

For the first time uniformed officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland [PSNI] took part in Belfast's sodomite pride parade last Saturday. Garda Siochana officers also took part in the Belfast parade.

In total around forty uniformed officers from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and other UK police forces joined the march through the centre of Belfast.

The PSNI has rightly come under criticism for allowing its officers to join the parade. This is especially so when the the organisers of this pride parade are seeking to overturn the laws against gay marriage in Northern Ireland. The PSNI are seen to be taking sides and refusing to remain neutral on this contentious issue. 

Refusal to take part in other parades and protests
The PSNI will walk in a gay parade but they will not walk in a Christian march of witness against gay marriage or in an Orange Order parade of any sort. The PSNI has tried to justify its participation by citing the number of hate crimes that take place in society against sodomites.

It has been suggested that the PSNI should now encourage its officers to take part in the Twelfth demonstrations in full uniform in a show of support to counter the many hate crimes directed towards the Protestant community in the burning of Orange Halls. 

Furthermore, on that basis the PSNI should take part in the annual Apprentice Boys Relief of Derry parade in Londonderry. Uniformed PSNI officers could then identify with the Protestant population of the west bank of the Foyle who have suffered much from intimidation and hate crimes over the years causing much of the Protestant population on the west bank to be driven out of that part of Londonderry. 

The narrow and limited conduct of the PSNI is not impartial treatment before the law. This is the PSNI taking sides in a contentious moral issue. 

Loss of respect
By engaging in this show of support for sodomy and refusing to walk in other parades the PSNI have lost respect. In any dealings with the PSNI in the future with respect to protests against gay marriage it will always be remembered that they have declared their hand as to which side has their sympathy. They are on the side of the sodomites. 

Such are the evil times we live in when they those tasked with upholding the law and being impartial in their conduct abandon such principles in the name of social liberalism. 

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