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Friday, 10 March 2017

Scandal-hit Marie Stopes abortion clinics are facing fresh investigations

Marie Stopes abortion clinics are facing fresh investigations because call-centre practices show 'lack of respect for women and the law'.

The Daily Mail has recently revealed that doctors approve terminations for thousands of women they've never met. Wider investigations are due to take place after reporters discovered that some women are being signed off for abortions after only a brief phone conversation with a call centre worker. In some cases the conversation lasted as little as 22 seconds.

Marie Stopes doctors are then reported as agreeing to the procedures based on a one-line summary from the call centre workers, who have no medical training. This in reality is 'abortion on demand’.

An undercover reporter visited a Marie Stopes clinic, pretending to seek an abortion. Upon visiting a clinic, following a telephone consultation, the reporter noticed that staff had altered her reason for the abortion from what she had said on the phone. The request now stated: I just don't want the baby. This was designed to fit the legal requirements of the Abortion Act. If the woman fails to give a reason for the abortion which reflects those set out in the Abortion Act, she is encouraged to come up with a different reason, it was reported.

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