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Friday, 15 April 2016

Letter Sent Regarding Blasphemous Play

Back in November 2015 a blasphemous production entitled 'The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven' was shown as part of the Queer Arts Festival in Belfast. This vile Arts festival was funded by a number of public bodies such as:
The Arts Council, which distributes funds from the National Lottery, 
Belfast City Council, 
The Department of Culture Arts and Leisure, 
The Department of Social Development and 
The Public Health Agency.

Below is the letter of objection that sent on behalf of The Free Presbyterian Government and Morals Committee of Presbytery taking issue with the content and the funding of such wickedness directed at the person of Jesus Christ.

We write on behalf of the Government and Morals Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church to express our outrage that public money has been used to fund a blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Committee felt it needed to express protest at the blasphemy in the play, "The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven" performed on November 15 at the Outburst Queer Arts Festival in Belfast. In this play the Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed as a transsexual. The preview of the play on the Outburst festival website described how in the play there is a "revolutionary queer ritual in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are re-imagined by a transgender Jesus."

To read the rest of the letter click on this link- Letter objecting to Blasphemous Play

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