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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Joel Beeke's Compromise Continues Unabated

Over recent years a lengthy charge sheet has emerged detailing Joel Beeke's compromise. That compromise continues unabated and unchecked. 

In a recent article entitled: The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke’s Ministries Continues, Ralph Ovadal, Pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin details Joel's Beeke's ongoing associations with new evangelicals, Romanists, Orthodox 'Christians,' Seventh Day Adventists, apostate Protestants, feminists, evolutionists, and even 'gay Christians'. 

It is a documented fact that Joel Beeke has joined in preaching and teaching fellowship with all of them! [Click on the link above to read this sorry tale of departure]

There might be an impression of scholariness cultivated but there is certainly no spirit of discernment or obedience to Scripture present. It is not intellectualism and a generation of well educated and supposedly well read academics that the Church of Jesus Christ desperately needs today, but rather a race of preachers who preach and practice separation. Something Joel Beeke simply doesn't do!

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