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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Church History Anniversaries 2014

Pre-Reformation Times
1950th Anniversary
July 64 AD - The Roman Emperor Nero initiated a persecuting reign of state terror against the early Christian New Testament Church, whose members he executed with sadistic tortures.  

600th Anniversary
November 1414 - The Council of Constance convened in Germany. Before it closed, it ended the Great Schism by deposing three rival popes, executed reformers John Huss and Jerome of Prague, and condemned the teachings of the English reformer John Wycliffe.

Reformation Times
200th Anniversary
July 1814 - The Spanish Inquisition was restored. The Inquisition, was originally created by Ferdinand and Isabella but shut down by Joseph Bonaparte in 1808, but was restored by the decree of Ferdinand VII, and ran for six more years, dispensing its perverted justice. 

160th Anniversary
December 1854 - The doctrine of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary was declared by Pope Pius IX, in his papal bull 'Ineffabilis Deus'. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is observed on 8th December by Roman Catholics.

150th Anniversary
December 1864 - Pope Pius IX published the encyclical 'Quanta cura', condemning current errors.

50th Anniversary
January 1964 - Pope Paul VI visit the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, he met with the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople, in a move widely heralded as a step toward in ecumenical relations between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches that had separated in the eleventh century.

March 1964 - Pope Paul VI broke with tradition and celebrated mass in Italian, facing his congregation. Usually Roman Catholic priests faced away from the people and used Latin. 

October 1964 - Pope Paul VI declared Benedict of Nursia,  5th century founder of the Benedictine Order, the patron saint of Europe. 

November 1964 - The third session of Vatican II commenced which went on to approve the 'Decree on Ecumenism',  that declared both Catholics and Protestants to blame for past divisions and called for dialogue, not derision, in the future.

350th anniversary
May 1664 - Increase Mather became minister of Boston's North Church. A leading clergymen of New England, he held the pulpit until his death in 1723.

October 1664 - Benjamin Keach, one of C H Spurgeon's predecessors,  was hauled before a magistrate and accused of scandalous behavior for printing a Baptist primer for children.

300th Anniversary
June 1714 - This month marks the anniversary of the death of the English Presbyterian puritan Matthew Henry, famed for his commentary of the Bible.

December 1714 - George Whitefield was the born, the youngest child of Thomas and Elizabeth Whitefield. He became a remarkable evangelist who led the 'Great Awakening' revivals in England and America.

250th Anniversary
July 1764 - Gilbert Tennent died, who had been a strong supporter of George Whitefield’s evangelistic ministry. His fiery 'Nottingham Sermon' accusing many Presbyterian ministers of being spiritually dead, led to a division within the Presbyterian church between 'Old School' and 'New School' ministers.

100th anniversary
June 1914 - J. Gresham Machen, Presbyterian educator and firebrand defender of orthodoxy in Princeton, was ordained to the Gospel ministry at Plainsboro, New Jersey. 

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