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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

British Values are Bible & Christian Values!

The response of the Westminster government to the Islamic 'Trogan horse' scandal of schools in Birmingham, is to require that 'British values' are promoted in all schools. But this surely begs the question: what are 'British values'? Much discussion has ensued about the subject and the definition. Surely there is an argument for saying that British values must be Christian and Bible based values. The Government are doing their best to define 'British values' without any reference to the Bible or to our Protestant heritage and history. They will struggle to do so!

1. 'British values' must be unique to Britain as a nation. In being unique to Britain as a nation, these values have to be substantial and long established in British institutions, culture and society. If not, then, the concept is meaningless and the idea of 'British values' can mean anything and everything and be subject to change at a whim by every generation and even repeatedly by a generation.

By the very definition of the term they cannot be values which Britain has received from other cultures or countries or holds in common with other democratic nations in the world. The only sense in which they could ever be called 'British values' is if they are values which Britain has developed through her own history and then exported around the world.

2. You cannot consider the subject of 'British values' without coming to the conclusion that British values must be necessity be Christian values! At the root of all historic British values is the English Bible. The history of the English Bible commences away back in Anglo-Saxon times with Alfred the Great and his desire to give the Bible to the common people. It comes right up through the days of William Tyndale and on to the time of the Authorised Version and its impact upon Britain and the English speaking world. See here - King James Bible: How it changed the way we speak.

3. Another source from which British values stem is The Reformation Protestantism. Britain wisely in the past embraced Protestantism and the doctrines of the Reformation. The embracing of these doctrines not only brought spiritual light to the nation but also advancement in every other way as well. The blood of the martyrs lies on the the ground of Britain. Their sacrifice has brought many liberties and privileges to this nation.

The nation of Britain prospered, as did the other northern European nations which embraced Protestantism. The Protestant work ethic is just one example of a value that has flowed from the Reformation. This specific value is required once again in this age of increasing welfare dependency and the abuse of the system that is aboard. To work hard and provide for yourself, as much as lies within you, is a specific Bible based value that is sorely needed today.

4. The Glorious Revolution and the framing of the Act of Settlement are other important factors in determining what British values are. These significant events have framed British society and British values. British historic values are therefore clearly Protestant values.

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