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Monday, 17 September 2012

The funding of Sodomy in Northern Ireland Part 1

Details have come to light through a Freedom of Information request about the extent of the funding of Sodomy in Northern Ireland.

The first installment covers funding which comes from the Department for Social Development in Stormont. These are the Department for Social Development's own figures.

The details released only cover the last three years: 2009/10; 2010/11; 2011/12. Over £120,000.00 has been given during this short space of time to various sodomite groups across Northern Ireland. I wonder what the total would be if figures for years further back were released!

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This is shameful in the extreme. The morality of funding sinful lifestyles is highly questionable in any climate but even more so in a day of cut backs and the lack of funding for many worthy causes.

No society can afford to fund sin in any form. The cost is too high. God brings nations down when they elect and then tolerate politicians who act with such flagrant disregard for God's moral law.

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