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Monday, 18 April 2011

More opposition to attending the Mass

Five other Free Presbyterian ministers have spoken out against attending the Mass.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired minister:
Burning Bush website - The true nature of the Mass

Rev David Creane, minister in Lurgan FPC:
Lurgan Mail -

Rev John Greer, minister in Ballymena FPC:
Sermonaudio - Attendance at the Mass forbidden by Scripture

Rev Thomas Martin, minister in Lisburn FPC:
Newsletter: Robinson ought to rethink Mass views

Dr Stephen Pollock, minister in Kilskeery FPC:
Sermonaudio - Why Christians should not attend the Roman Catholic Mass

Update Tuesday 19th April - The Newsletter this morning reports on the opposition of Revs Creane & Greer click here

Update Saturday 23rd April
Other Free Presbyterian ministers who have preached against the Mass in the past:
Office bearers of Presbytery:
Rev Ron Johnstone, minister in Newtownards FPC:
Sermonaudio - The Roman Catholic Mass - What it Means Preached 29th August 2010

Rev Ian Brown, minister in Londonderry FPC:
Sermonaudio - Should A Protestant Attend The Mass? Preached - 1st May 2005

Rev Paul Fitton, minister in Dungannon FPC:
Sermonaudio - The Mass - A Blasphemous Fable and a Dangerous Deceit- Preached 12th September 2010

Rev Thomas Martin, minister in Lisburn FPC:
Sermonaudio - Reformation: Why we should reject the Mass - Preached 28th October 2007

Dr Alan Cairns, Retired minister:
Sermonaudio - Repudiating the Blasphemous Idolatry of the Roman Mass Preached 7th October 2007
Sermonaudio - The Mass Vs. the Finished Work of Christ - Preached October 1982
Sermonaudio Let the Bible Speak - In Latin or English the Mass Is a Blasphemy - Preached 18th August 2007

Rev William McCrea, minister in Magherafelt FPC
Sermonaudio - The blasphemy of the mass Preached - 30th April 2006

Dr Mark Allison, minister in Malvern FPC, Pa, USA: - Preached - 31st October 2004
Sermonaudio - Lord's Supper Vs. Rome's Mass

Rev Reggie Cranston, minister in Port Hope FPC, Canada:

Sermonaudio - The Mass in the Light of Scripture - Preached 28th July 2002


Grib said...

I'm not sure if you caught it, but Rev Martin sent a letter into the newsletter:


Rev Brian McClung said...


Many thanks for the reminder of that.

I have added it to the list.

Brian McClung