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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Feeding the Crocodile & Offending God

This week DUP leader Arlene Foster has notched up an unwanted double achievement. In the same week she has managed to feed the crocodile she vowed never to do, prior to the most recent Assembly election; but much more seriously, she has offended God.

Following on from attending requiem mass for Martin McGuiness when he died, Arlene Foster attended the Ulster GAA final in Clones on the Lord's day.

She has trampled once more over more of our Protestant, Reformed, gospel heritage and treated it as if it were a worthless blessing. If media reports are correct, before this week is out, she will act contrary to the truths of the Gospel, and offend God even more, by attending a sodomite function at Stormont.

Her conduct is objectionable on a number of fronts:

Firstly, Desecration of the Lord's day. The fourth commandment requires us to remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. The Lord's day is not a day for unnecessary employment or for recreation. It is a day to be set aside for worship. We have six other days to engage in these other activities. To desecrate the sabbath day is to steal this day from God and use it for ourselves.

There is a blessing upon sabbath observance, Isaiah 58:13,14: If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words: Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.

The opposite of this Scriptural principle is also true. It was sabbath desecration that finally took the nation of Israel into captivity. You don't need to be a prophet or the son of a prophet to know that it will not go well with any individual, society or nation when they desecrate the Lord's day.

Secondly, Attendance at a GAA football match. This the same GAA which has a notorious history of naming its stadia and competitions after dead terrorists.

For example:
1. The Dungiven hurling team is named after Kevin Lynch, an INLA hunger striker, he was sentenced to ten years for stealing shotguns and conspiring to disarm the security forces. 

When this happened a few years ago GAA pundit Joe Brolly, stated that people could like it or lump it and that naming a ground after terrorists was nobody else’s business. No doubt this was all naturally said in the spirit of tolerance and accommodation of unionists and Protestants!

2. An under-12s football competition is played at Cardinal O’Donnell Park, west Belfast, in honour of the IRA man Joe Cahill who died in 2004. Cahill was convicted for his part in killing a Catholic policeman Patrick Murphy, in 1942. 

3. The West Belfast Cumann na Fuiseoige GAA club honours IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, who grew up near its base in Twinbrook, west Belfast. The club’s badge shows a lark, barb wire and a capital ‘H’ representing the H-block in the Maze prison.

4. A girls’ camogie championship played in Tullysaran, Co Armagh, was named after IRA woman Mairead Farrell. She spent 10 years in jail for bombing the Conway Hotel, Dunmurry, and was killed by the SAS in Gibraltar in 1988 with planning to bomb an Army band.

5. A commemorative memorial cup final is played every year at Galbally Pearses Football Field near Dungannon in Co Tyrone in honour of Martin Hurson, who was the fifth of the H-block hunger strikers to die. 

6. The Michael McVerry cup is played for in Cullyhanna, Co Armagh, each year. McVerry was the first member of the IRA in south Armagh to be killed in the Troubles, McVerry was shot by soldiers in 1973 after placing a bomb at Keady RUC station.

7.  East Tyrone IRA brothers Gerard and Martin Harte have a memorial cup played in their honour. Gerard and Martin Harte were killed in a SAS ambush in 1988.

8. The Louis Leonard Memorial Park is a GAA ground in Donagh, Co. Fermanagh. It was named after the IRA man who was killed by loyalists in 1972 while working late in his shop in the village of Derrylin.

9. The Paddy Kelly cup is played in Dungannon, Co Tyrone as part of commemorations for the IRA Loughgall “martyrs”. Kelly was among a number of IRA men who received their just reward at the hands of the SAS, when a heavily-armed IRA unit carried out a bomb and gun attack on the police station in Loughgall, Co Tyrone.

10. The home ground of St Teresas' GAA club in west Belfast is known as 'McDonnell/Doherty Park'. It is named after hunger strikers and former players Joe McDonnell and Kieran Doherty.

11. The 'Lochrie/Campbell GAA Park' in Dromintee, south Armagh is named after IRA members Jim Lochrie and Sean Campbell who were killed when a land mine exploded prematurely at Kelly's Road, Killeen in 1975.

12. In 2012 at a football blitz held by Galbally Pearses GAA Club in Tyrone under 12 boys were given medals bearing the picture of IRA man Martin McCaughey. He had been shot by the SAS in 1990. The mother of an 11-year-old boy complained about the practice.

For all their sporting activities the GAA revels in and honours republican terrorists. This is the same GAA from whom Arlene Foster accepted the invitation to attend the Ulster county final.

Thirdly, Justification for attending this GAA final on the Lord's day. Arlene Foster sought to justify her decision to attend this GAA match on the BBC radio's Good Morning Ulster programme.  She explained that she thought long and hard before deciding to go. She also indicated that she had taken pastoral advice from her bishop about attending such an event on a Sunday.

This last comment requires comment. Whoever this bishop is, he is a Bible denier. That would be no surprise for there are many of this ilk in the Church of Ireland. 

This bishop has encouraged someone to break God's commandments for political expediency. He is no better than the false prophets who supported the compromise of the kings of Israel and Judah in Bible history. He evidently hasn't learned the lessons from these sad times in Scriptures. He may never even have read these biblical accounts never mind learn anything from them.

These false prophets only contributed to the nation's demise and slide into captivity and for a Church of Ireland bishop to counsel someone that it is acceptable to desecrate the Lord's day will bring a day of reckoning for him and for Arlene Foster. 

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