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Friday, 20 February 2015

Filthy Dreamers!!!

The subject of sex education for children, even in primary school has resurfaced again in recent days.

A committee of MPs have called for compulsory teaching of the subject in all primary and secondary schools, with sufficient curriculum time devoted to the subject and specialist training for teachers. The Westminster Education Committee chairman Mr Graham Stuart MP said: young people have a right to information that will keep them safe. As if this is all that is entailed in this subject.

A former school principal in Northern Ireland has called on the Stormont Executive to consider introducing sex and relationship education as a compulsory subject, for those even in primary schools.

The Bible has an apt description for those who would seek to foist such folly upon children, even young children in primary school. The Book of Jude v8 speaks of 'filthy dreamers'. They want to corrupt the minds of children by encouraging an inordinate interest in that which is best left alone altogether or to older years and primarily to parents. It is another example of the liberal mindset that is abroad seeking to foist their immoral ideological standards upon the rest of society, even children.

There is a simple Bible principle to live by, namely obedience to the moral law of God. Sexual intercourse should not take place outside of marriage. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman until death, excepts in very exceptional cases, where the Bible permits divorce. 

Sadly, we live in a world obsessed with lust and sexual activity. As if life can only have meaning and fulfillment when these are encouraged and given vent to, even in children. As a result society has been on a steady moral decline for years.

As one commentator on this latest act of madness said: The UK has had school sex education of an increasingly aggressive kind for the past forty years. Despite that, our teenage pregnancy rate remains the highest in western Europe, while STDs, sexual coercion and also depression have soared. If sex education was the answer, it would have answered by now.

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