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Sunday, 7 July 2013

A foretaste of the consequences of legalising Sodomite marriage #5

Daily Telegraph - Christian arrested for calling homosexuality a 'sin' warns of 'real-life thought police'

Christian Institute - Arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

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Andrew Wraight said...

Sodomy is a sin, God destroyed all of the cities of the plain because of it. It is not 'Homephobic' to declare this, it is just the plain truth, and it is fully and clearly taught to be sin in the bible: on a par with beastiality.
If it is an offence to believe the truth, well, then I am going to have to be locked up. I think sodomy is disgusting and I don't care how much public opinion is in favour of it I will never endorse it and say it is other than what it is.
Sodomites can get the whole world to agree with them in their perversions but their own conscience will still convict them every time they hear the truth; that is why they get so angry when confronted with it.
If sodomy was 'natural' it would produce children. And, incidentally, sodomy gives the lie to evolution theory: survival of the fittest? More like survival of the thickest! Sodomy doesn't have any fitness in it as in its nature it lacks a means of pro-creation.

Andrew Wraight.