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Friday, 17 May 2013

Creationists at heart!

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have supposedly broken through a symbolic mark in recent days. Daily measurements of carbon dioxide levels recorded at an United States government agency laboratory on the island of Hawaii have topped 400 parts per million for the first time in the modern age.

The claim is made that the last time carbon dioxide levels were regularly above 400 parts per million was 3-5 million years ago. In the evolutionary scheme of things this is supposed to be before modern humans existed.

CNN - CO2 levels hit new peak at key observatory

The concern and alarm shown by scientists about carbon dioxide levels betrays a creationist mindset more than an evolutionary one. If the universe had evolved over millions and billions of years by gradual change, random processes, blind chance and genetic mistakes, then why worry at all? Will the universe not continue to evolve along the same lines as it supposedly has done? As Ronald Reagan once said in reply to a question about the size of the deficit in the US economy: it's big enough to look after itself! Do evolutionary scientists not believe that the universe can look after itself? If these people really and trully believed in evolution then they would let the world evolve, after all, that is what  supposedly has taken place over millions and billions of years, with all sorts of issues arising, such as ice ages etc. 

Instead there is alarm and a desire expressed that immediate action is required to curb and reduce these emissions. This alarm and desire for action is more akin to a creationist viewpoint, where mankind is commanded to look after the world in which they are placed by the God who created all things. We believe that God has given a command to His rational creatures to act wisely with regard to the world in which we live.

Scientists who argue thus are really creationists at heart! It is very true that no one is born an atheist. They become an atheist in later life. An atheist is someone who wilfully denys the existence of God. Belief in the theory of evolution is embraced to bolster this atheiestic rejection of God. 

However, even the atheist cannot suppress that seed of religion that is placed in the nature of mankind by their Creator. There is an innate sense of the existence of God within every individual. The concern over the increase in carbon dioxide emissions is testimony that we all have a creationist mindset at heart.

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