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Friday, 12 April 2013

Call to impose sodomite marriage on Northern Ireland through the courts

The Christian Institute reports that: Legal action could be used to force same-sex marriage on Northern Ireland, according to two groups that back gay marriage. Last year the Northern Ireland Assembly voted against a motion to support same-sex marriage, with a minister saying there were many other issues it should be debating. But Amnesty International and a gay lobby group in the Province say a legal challenge could be made if marriage is not redefined in Northern Ireland, but is in the rest of the UK.

To read the rest of the article click here for a link to the Christian Institute website. 

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Gerry Leddy said...

Brian among the labels you have for this article is 'Social breakdown'

Was this an error, mistype?

Canada, by in large a Christian country would be a good reference since it is Part of the British Commonwealth of nations, and it's marriage equality was given the royal assent by HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd in 2005 although in 8 out of 10 provinces there it had already been legalized affecting 90% of the Canadian population. Can you point to any aspect of Canadian Society where you can show evidence of Social Breakdown there as a result of Marriage Equality legislation?

I have followed your link to the Christian Institute website read their article and viewed their video, and I have emailed them suggesting that their reporting should be more balanced. They quoted Mr Sammy Wilson our finance minister as saying "I would have no intention of bringing forward any legislation to this House to facilitate gay marriage and I believe that in doing that I do reflect what is the general view in this society in Northern Ireland" but they failed to mention that the Belfast Newsletter paper carried out a poll on the issue showing a 71% in favour of Marriage equality here.

I for one hope that someone does take legal action to overturn any inequality believing we are or should be as British as any other part of the UK. After all 'almost equal' is not 'equal'

Rev Brian McClung said...


No it wasn't an error or mistype.

You seem to miss the point. Sodomite marriage legislated for is one evidence in itself of social breakdown.

If all parts of the United Kingdom were to have the same laws then what would the point of devolution? Since when did a poll in a newspaper become the basis for deciding what laws we should have?

Brian McClung

Gerry Leddy said...

I think you miss a point Brian, why are the outdated views of misguided politicians totally out of touch with the society, imposed on the rest of us.

Rev Brian McClung said...


In whose opinion are these views outdated and out of touch? When a similar poll would show support for capital punishment would you then be arguing that we should be reinstating the death penalty on the back of such a poll?

Brian McClung

Gerry Leddy said...

your point taken, but no, I would not be advocating capital punishment be re instated, but I would not be saying that the society did not want it.

but there is a big difference between taking the life of someone and allowing two people who love each other to commit to each other.

there is no evidence in Canada of Social breakdown, they didn't bomb and shoot each other for 30 years, social breakdown has already occurred here, cannot see that giving human compassion to homosexuals would cause 30 years of social breakdown in the way that religion has already caused it here.

In whose opinion , well mine for one and presumptive the 71% of the people who took part in the poll

Rev Brian McClung said...


Just a couple of points in reply:

1. Both murder and sodomy are moral evils.

2. It was false religion in this country that brought about 30 years of terrorism not Bible religion.

Brian McClung

Anonymous said...

"but there is a big difference between taking the life of someone and allowing two people who love each other to commit to each other"

Yes in some instances capital punishment is in fact biblical according to Romans 13 in no circumstances is sodomite union authorised by the bible.

Mr N McDonald