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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What about Northern Ireland's 'Holocaust'???

This photo is on the front page of the news sheet delivered to the homes in Newtownabbey by the local council. That in itself is a waste of money, especially when the Council is in debt to the tune of £46m. The highest of any local authority in Northern Ireland. See here
However, not only is there a waste of public money involved but there is also rank hypocrisy on display. To involve someone who has openly acknowledged his part in an organisation that brought about a 'holocaust' in Northern Ireland over recent years is sickening to say the least. Martin McGuinness and his fellow travellers in the IRA are no different, and no better, than those Fascists and Nazis who exterminated six million Jews in Europe.

Let's not forget that Republican terrorists were responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 people during the Troubles. Only over 1,100 of these were members of the security forces. They can't try and excuse what they did by claiming they were targeting security force members. The same spirit that motivated the Nazis motivates Republicans. They desire the 'extermination' of Protestantism in Ireland.

Particular mention could made about the ethnic cleansing of Protestants along the Border during the Troubles. On many occasions it was only sons of Protestants who were singled out and murdered for no other reason that they were Protestants. With the death of an only son a father would have to eventually sell the family farm. On many occasions when this took place it had to be sold at a lesser price as no one among the nationalists would make an offer anywhere near its worth.

Yet today we have the spectacle of Martin McGuinness being involved in a 'Holocaust Memorial Day' and uttering his pious, sanctimonious words about the harm that words can do to others. It is not words that McGuinness has to concern himself about, but rather his murderous deeds and crimes which he and others in the IRA perpetrated against this society.

It seems today there are few to speak up for the real victims!

As for those gullible unionists who align themselves with McGuinness and join with him on such occasions - have they forgotten the dead? They profess to remember the Jews who were slaughtered by Nazism yet conveniently, it seems for political office and monetary gain, close their eyes and ears to the recent past in Northern Ireland.

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