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Monday, 7 March 2011

Interesting News Items

Some interesting news items:

1. Britain has the most anti-family tax system in Europe

2. Britain’s abortion laws currently leave vulnerable women without the most basic support and help to which they should be entitled

ConservativeHome - Nadine Dorries MP

3. Equality Commission has to apology for its smear of Christians.

Christian Institute - Equality Commission sorry for Christian ‘infection’ jibe

Equality and Human Rights Commission - website statement

Johns v Derby City Council
3 March 2011

Earlier this week the case of Johns v Derby City Council, in which the Commission had intervened, attracted some attention. Unfortunately a mistake within our legal submission led to an inference that we did not intend and which was misconstrued as suggesting that the Commission equates Christian moral views with an infection. This oversight was caused by a drafting error in our submissions to the court. This should have been picked up in our internal clearance process for the legal documentation and does not represent the position of the Commission in any way.

Furthermore, the Commission entirely rejects any view (as reported in the media) that rights in relation to sexual orientation ‘take precedence’ over religious rights. The Commission fully upholds the rights of looked-after children to be supported in their chosen religion or that of their family, in the context of the paramount importance of the welfare of the child.

The Equality Act provides protection against discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief as well as on the grounds of sexual orientation and the Commission has producedextensive guidance to explain this legislation, which was introduced by Parliament.

The Commission has written to Mr and Mrs Johns to apologise.

Can you imagine the outcry there would have been in the media if this had been the other way around and a church or minister had branded sodomy 'an infection'? We would have had every liberal 'do-gooder', human rights spokesperson etc, etc branding such comments as homophobic etc. Yet when it is Christians who are slandered in this way there is not a cheep out of any of them. So much for equality!!

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