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Thursday, 11 November 2010

We remember ....

Today is Remembrance day. 

We gladly honour the memory of those who by their death maintained our civil and religious liberties.

The tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey


Anonymous said...

I see no Biblical mandate for such glorification of dead men's bones.

There is no difference in what you are glorifying here and the traditions of others that you are always so very quick to label as romanist and godless.

You call bells with "Ave Maria" and crucifixes popery.

From my angle, this is no different.

Rev Brian McClung said...


How very lacking in Bible knowledge you are then! Whatever 'angle' you are looking at it from it is certainly not from a position of having read the scriptures closely.

It is just as well than many in the past didn't hide behind their anonymity as you are doing or you wouldn't even have the liberty to post the comment that you have. You don't even have the courage of your convictions to openly state what you believe. There is no Biblical mandate for that!

Leaving that matter aside I have no difficulty whatsoever honouring the courage, and the sacrifice, of those who died to secure for me and my children the civil and religious liberties we have enjoyed in this nation for many years. As a congregation we will be having our act of remembrance and two minute silence tomorrow morning.

Who said anything about 'glorifying dead men's bones'? Pejorative language like that only highlights the foolishness of your point.

The Bible has a great deal to say about remembering. I am actually preaching upon that theme tomorrow morning. For example Jeremiah lamented over Jerusalem remembering her past when it was too late, Lam 1:7. The enemy had by then taken away the things she ought to have treasured.

I will quote one further text as space is limited in one reply: Deut 32:7 Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.

There are also numerous references where the Lord told Israel to specifically remember the names and the deeds of events in the past where He had granted them deliverance.

The simple difference between remembering our past and popish bells and crucifixes is that we know there is no merit before God in remembering. Salvation is not by faith and works as Romanism claims but by faith alone in Christ alone.

Brian McClung

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian

I was hoping we could have a conversation about this.
You sound angry, I don't know if you intended such a tone in your post.

I have simply posted as anonymous because I do not have an account for this blog site or maybe I am mistaken about how to use it.

Thank you for your response to my post.

I'll not bother you again.

Paul Hewson

Rev Brian McClung said...


No one needs an account on this blog or any blog site hosted by Google under this format as far as I know.

I find your excuse is a little lame as you must choose an identity when posting. One of those is to remain anonymous. However, there is another option just above 'anonymous', and one which you must have passed over, of giving your name. Doesn't seem too difficult to me.

It has nothing to do with anger at all. I just don't have much time for those who post criticism while hiding behind anonymity on my blog or any other site on the internet. I find that one of the more grieving aspects of internet use.

Post criticism all you want, that is the nature of the blog and having the comment section turned on on each post but at least have the courage to put your name to the criticism.

I do have the option of turning off the comment section and let no one have the opportunity to response to what I post but I find that somewhat cowardly.

I would say as well that the free expression of opinion and the right to challenge it is one of the blessings the sacrifice of many has secured and maintained for us.

If you look back over the comments on other posts I have said similar things to others. I don't particularly like speaking to people who want to stand in the shadows. Primarily because I believe it to be unscriptural.

Now that you have given your name why don't you deal with the points that were raised rather than making what I feel is a tame excuse for not doing so.

Brian McClung