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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lying comes naturally to McGuinness

It transpires after all that Martin McGuinness did know of the IRA priest James Chesney. 

McGuinness has denied for many years ever knowing him. In 2002, he issued a statement to BBC Northern Ireland current affairs programme Spotlight, saying: 
I have never met Father Chesney, nor do I have any knowledge of him other than from media reports.

Yesterday McGuinness acknowledged that he did know Chesney after all and had met him before he died in 1980. Therefore his statement to the spotlight programme was a blatant lie to cover up what he knew.

Anything that this IRA godfather says purporting to be the truth is worthless. It is like Adams' denial of being in the IRA. Their trade has been murder and lying comes naturally!

McGuinness would have us to believe that they never discussed the Claudy bombing. Maybe they had so many other IRA matters to discuss there wasn't time. McGuinness was high up in the IRA, Chesney was believed to a quartermaster and was dying. I suppose there was a fair bit of information to pass on before Chesney went out into eternity to answer for his wickedness. 

Thankfully there is a day coming when every wicked act will be brought to light. The Judge of all the earth shall do right. There will be no hiding place for McGuinness on that day. 

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