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Friday, 18 June 2010

Obscene advice!!

The obscene suggestion has been put forward by N.I.C.E, [The National Institute for Clinical Excellence] that children as young as five should receive 'sex education'. Read the whole article here.

N.I.C.E is to write to every primary school telling it to start sex education when pupils are five. It is worth remembering that the main role of this body is to ration NHS drugs. It is no wonder that this advice is being offered when you see that representatives of the Brook Clinics and of the sodomite pressure group 'Stonewall' were on the panel that drew up these recommendations. 

Among their wicked claims is that teaching children to ‘say no’ could actually increase the chances of risky sexual behaviour and pregnancy. It further calls on teachers to offer children confidential sex advice if they need it – without their parents being told. 

Critics have accused the body of pressuring schools to push the boundaries on sex education and said the guidance undermined traditional values. 

Norman Wells, of pressure group Family and Youth Concern, said: ‘The team that drafted the guidance included lobby groups with an agenda to break down moral standards and redefine the family. Organisations with a commitment to marriage and traditional family values were not represented.’ 

Margaret Morrissey, of lobby group Parents Out Loud, said: ‘They tell me that once you give indepth information about sex and drugs, 90 per cent will go and experiment – and there’s no way back from that.’

The report concludes that sex and relationships education is ‘more effective if it is introduced before young people first have sex

This is an outrageous claim and one not backed up by the facts. There has been a consistent determined effort over many years to lower the age when 'sex education' is taught. The outcome has been to make Britain’s teenage pregnancy rate the highest in western Europe. This approach does not work. There will be no solving of this problem without a moral foundation based upon the teaching of the Word of God. 

This is another good reason for Christian Education!

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