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Friday, 18 December 2009

Welcome news! No Pope Here!

According to a report in today's Irish Independent Newspaper the Pope will not be coming across the Irish Sea when he visits the British mainland in September 2010. This is very good news. It would be even better if he was not making what is only the second visit of a pope to the UK since the time of the Protestant Reformation.

Every Bible believer ought to oppose a papal visit.

The reasons for doing so are:

1. The claims of the Pope -
i. He is a sovereign and all other Kings, Queens, Presidents, etc. are subject to him;
ii. He is the supreme Judge of all;
iii. He is the director of men's consciences;
iv. He is the successor of the Apostles, the vicar of Christ and the way to God;
v. He is God on earth;
vi. The British Monarch is an usurper.

2. The Act of Settlement.

3. The memory of the Reformers all who have died at the hands of popery in this nation.

4. The past and present deeds of Roman Catholicism.


Even Irish Catholics are very angry with the Pope


Anonymous said...

it would appear he is accomplishing some very good things

harden not your hearts

have a great christmas!

Rev Brian McClung said...

I think you need to clarify your cryptic comments so that the rest of us lesser mortals know what you are referring to!

Your name would be a good idea as well!

Don't be ashamed of what you write. Be courageous enough to identify yourself!

Rev Brian McClung