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Friday, 9 October 2009

Pre-millennial Protestantism

The following article is well worth reading. It is entitled Premillennial Protestantism. It first appeared in Watching and Waiting, published by the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony.

It is based upon a sermon preached by Rev Gordon Dane, minister of Crossgar FPC at a conference in Wales.

Premillennial Protestantism


Stafford said...

It might be worth checking out Oswald T. Allis's critique of dispensationalism and pre-millenialism in his great classic "Prophecy and the Church" (P&R, 1945). He exposes the error of premillenialism and shows how dispensationalism has its source in a faulty use of the Scriptures.

Rev Brian McClung said...


I haven't read the book you refer but it is often the case that these critiques deal with dispensationalism more than historical premillennialism. Dispensationalism is indeed a faulty use of the Scriptures, premillennialism is not.

Brian McClung